So, it’s a hot summer day and you’re planning to go out to enjoy the sunshine. For men, the choices are not as extensive as they are for women but you still have quite a few options. When the heat begins to rise, people tend to want to do one of two different things. They want to cover up to keep then sun’s rays from burning the skin or they seek to take it all off and bare a little more skin to catch those same rays. After all, darker skin seems to be more healthy in appearance.

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For casual wear though a new trend is emerging. Men are more and more stepping away from the traditional T-shirt for their time of relaxation and they are baring a little more skin in the cool looking tank tops of the day. There is now doubt that tank tops for men are on the rise.

Why do men wear tank tops?

Let’s face it, Whether you’re a man or a woman wearing a tank top is comfortable. For men tank tops serve as the perfect compromise between going completely topless and wearing a shirt that covers it all.

One of the main reasons for wearing a tank top is their versatility. They can be worn as undershirts, athletic wear or just something you can put on for when you kick about atank tops for menround the house.

When your tank top is worn as an undershirt their soft and flexible fabric could make anyone feel at ease. They lay well against the skin so that any shirt you wear over it will fit easily over it. You can wear a dress shirt for an evening out or a pullover sweater to protect you from those cold and wintry days.

As an athletic shirt you can find them in either cotton or spandex that makes them extremely comfortable. The material breathes easily and moves with the body allowing you to get more out of every athletic challenge you’re up against. And for lounging around your house there is nothing more comfortable to be found.

However, the new trend in recent months has been the  tank tops  for men as a fashion statement. The truth is that tanks have been around for a long time and it is not likely hey will be going away anytime soon. Still, wearing these sleeveless tops in public have become the subject of considerable debate in recent months. Is it proper to wear a tank just as you would a T-shirt? Or is it to be viewed differently?

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Who can wear a tank top?

On this subject there are several different schools of thought. Take the time to Google tank tops for men and you will find answers out there with varying degrees of approval. The factors that are weighed in this matter come down to the basics of where, who, and how? Let’s discuss them one at a time.

  1.  Where. Clearly there is a time and place for every fashion garment under the sun. Just as one would not wear a pair of jeans to a formal dinner, you would not expect to wear a tank top to the office. So, if you’re trying to decide whether or not to wear a tank top consider where you plan to be. Very few would challenge you choice to wear one at the beach or at a sports event. However, the choice to wear one while shopping at the mall or at the office just might raise a few eyebrows.

Consider too, the people you will be with. Some people are just naturally more laid back and relaxed than others and will be more accepting than others. We may be deceiving ourselves if we say we dress for ourselves. While that may be part of it, as humans we naturally crave the approval of others. Few people would wear something that thy knew others would outright object to regardless of their right to do it.

2. The second consideration would be who should wear a tank top. We often see people out and about committing fashion faux pauxs. When we see them we may not speak out openly but we find ourselves muttering under our breath our utter disapproval. Just as there are certain people that can’t get away with wearing tight jeans or short short shorts, clearly there are men who should not wear tank tops, at least not in public.
So, who does look good in a tank top? cheap tank tops for men

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Since tank tops mainly show off the arms then you need to have arms that are in pretty good shape. No second hand bye-byes. You know, that extra flab that hangs down under your arms and continues to wave long after your hands have stopped. You also don’t want to be caught sporting unsightly man boobs and beastly hairs poking out of every opening. That tank top may help you to feel good but make sure you check the faces around you. You’ll soon see if others feel as proud of your new look as you do.

3. How? This question may seem a bit unusual. But just as with any fashion style, there is a right way and a wrong way to wear anything. It should go without saying that the better shape you’re in the better you’ll look in your tank top. Still, there are other things you can do to pull off the look.

Consider veering away from the traditional white color. Over the years, the traditionally white tank has earned the name, “the wife beater.” While the name may not be deserved it still will leave a sour impression. At the same time, wearing white can turn you into a slob with just one visible stain. Try wearing different colors to spruce up your look. That doesn’t mean go out and get a fuchsia or rad purple. No, you don’t need to go that far but try something like a black, brown, or even a green. These will make you look more masculine overall.

In addition, try to limit your tank wearing to outdoor events. At parks, beaches, picnics and he likes. It’s true, tanks for men are making a come out but they’re not all that accepted yet. Jumping to far into the fray may find you caught by the fashion police and the subject of much unwanted murmuring. Stick to acceptable locations and you should do ok.

Where to buy Cheap tank tops for men?

For most men, a tank top has only two purposes, as an undershirt or as a workout shirt. They have gained in popularity because they are so comfortable. When you do not plan to bare those arms and shoulders for all the world to see you can get by with just about any tank. You can get them for $20.00 for a pack of six at Target and the prices go up from there.

On the other hand, if you plan to wear your tank while you’re out and about you may want to invest a little bit more and get a higher quality tank. If you’re looking for a special fabric for your workout challenges or just because you’ll be wearing it on a hot day, Nike has some fantastic tanks that will whoosh away your perspiration even before you know you’re sweating. Their tanks are super soft and comfortable and will almost feel like your own skin. These high quality tanks made from special fibers come at a price though. At $70.00 you will certainly want to get a tank that will make you look your bet.tank top

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In between the expensive Nike tanks and the less expensive Target tanks you will find a selection that fits best for surfers. Stores like American Apparel or Urban Outfitters have a wide selection to choose from ranging from color choices, pockets, or fabric options. Thy even have some that change color depending on your body temperature. Depending on which style you choose, you should be able to find one that suits you for something between $10.00 – $50.00.

Remember, while comfort is the main reason to wear a tank it is really important to consider these other factors too. If you have the physique to show off all your best features. If you have the buff upper body to pull off the look then by all means wear a tank to show it all off. For those with a great upper body a fitted tank will showcase those abs and biceps quite nicely. However, if your upper body is not quite there yet and you insist on wearing your tank you might be better off with a ore loose fitting shirt to try out.

Keeping all these things in mind will certainly help you to make your own mark on the fashion world. Tank tops for men are very simple pieces of clothing but they tell the world so much about the people who wear them. What do you want your tank to say about you?

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